Is Delivery the same as Shipping?

Yes, the term Shipping and Delivery can be considered one of the same.

How do I determine the correct Delivery charge?

As a general rule, most locations within the Perth Metropolitan Area which have clear access to your location/delivery point will be at the low rate of $60. If it's a larger item or items, and is either first floor or above, or, involves more complex type onsite logistics, then the more appropriate rate would be $100.

What if I'm still in doubt?

Send us an email,, and we’ll happily come out and assess your requirements and/or delivery constraints.


Are items assembled?

Yes, most items come pre-assembled or will be assembled on site. As part of our initial offer we will assist with your assembly (where requested), and through this experience gained, Perth Interior Fitouts will be best able to price the true cost of assembly in the future.

Does this apply to Projects or larger orders?

Both will be quoted following a site inspection and review of overall Scope of Works, where we can ascertain the most cost-effective rates. Please contact our Projects Team directly on


My product is delivered with a fault?

In the event a product arrives damaged or with a fault, you must immediately (not exceeding 48 hours from time of receipt of goods), advise our sales team via

Can I do anything else?

Yes. Include a detailed account of the fault or damage. It is important that you include images and specify with as much description so we can look to address your concerns as soon as possible.
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