GRID Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

The Acoustic Ceiling Baffles are a simple, yet effective acoustic ceiling system and is designed to work within existing offices, or, new fit outs. Let us bring in the specialists to assess your requirements and provide recommendations. A variety of finishes, from leading design houses, we offer a bespoke solution integrating local machining with Australian sourced materials.

Installs in seconds to transform large volumes of space with flowing aesthetics and acoustic performance.

  • 100% PET (Recycled and recyclable)
  • Fire Resistant tested by ASTM-E84
  • Sheet size of 2420 by 1220mm
  • Sound reducing properties >0.8 NRC
  • Water Resistant
Dimensions Weight
Small 1200 x 600mm 6Kg
Medium 1800 x 880mm 8kg
Large 2100 x 1200mm 10kg
(Length x Width)